We partnered with researchers at Cornell University’s Ellis Idea Lab to research how software affects how we manage, access, share and create knowledge at work.
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Technology traps knowledge: employees are digging through cloud storage systems, scouring message channels and cycling through tabs, wasting around 59 minutes per day.
Apps restrict access to knowledge: 54% of people say that applications can sometimes make it harder to find information and 58% of people report that they’re not certain all departments use the same online apps.
Software impairs knowledge sharing: 49% of people report concerns that important information will get lost and one in two are uncertain the information will reach the intended audience.
Tools complicate the creation of knowledge: 43% of people report spending too much time switching between different online tools and applications, and 48% report making mistakes because they can't keep track of information stored across online tools and apps.
Download research report (pdf)