Killing Time
at Work

Qatalog partnered with GitLab to understand knowledge workers’ experience of asynchronous work, the barriers to adoption, and its growing importance in the modern workplace.
We had a golden chance to say goodbye to the rigid 9-5, but it appears we’re still stuck in old habits of presenteeism, and technology is making things worse.
54% of knowledge workers feel pressure to show they are online at certain times of the day - and workers spend an additional 67 minutes online every day, to show their colleagues and managers they are still present and ‘working’.
The average knowledge worker now receives notifications from six applications, and 73% of workers reply to these notifications outside of their working hours - making it hard to switch off.
81% of knowledge workers believe they are more productive and create higher quality output when they have more flexibility over when they work, and 65% of those regularly working asynchronously said it had a positive impact on their wellbeing.
66% of knowledge workers said they would resign from a job if their flexibility to choose their hours was limited, and 43% would consider a lower paid role if it gave them greater flexibility over when they work.

Do you want to go asynchronous?