Stop the great productivity scam.

We’ve been blessed with powerful new tools at work, but fooled into using them in the wrong way.

This is a campaign to put a stop to this and put you first at work. You’ve been cheated out of your time and wellbeing at work. It’s because your productivity apps were never designed to work together. They were each designed to solve one individual problem well, without consideration for the bigger picture. And they were built for engagement—just like Facebook—creating a toxic relationship with work.
The result: pings from your colleagues, back-to-back video calls, endless emails, it all adds up. 59 minutes, in fact — that’s how much time is stolen from you in a typical day just trying to find things trapped within different work tools. You’ve replaced your commute with mindless busywork.

Time spent trying to find information trapped in apps every day

How did we get into this mess?

The team behind Work isn’t Working conducted research with Ellis Idea Lab of Cornell University to find out how. The findings reveal how productivity tools are killing productivity: tech is stealing time, trapping knowledge, and killing focus.
We spend 59 minutes per day just trying to find things trapped within apps. Six in ten of us find it difficult to keep track of what's happening across our various work apps. And nearly half (43%) of us report spending too much time switching between different online tools.
It all adds up to a burnout crisis — 89% of us say work life is getting worse. ‍Work isn’t working. There must be another way.
That’s why we built this campaign. To stop the great productivity scam, and make work work for you.

I spend too much time switching between online tools.




The time to act is now

Why should you tolerate a workplace defined by stress, distraction and isolation? It’s time to shape a new one defined by trust, flexibility, focus and belonging. Turn the wild-goose chases into hours of creative focus. Organize work around your life, not the other way around.
Right now, companies are making decisions about how you’ll be working, whether that’s a hybrid model split between the office and elsewhere, fully remote, or a full-time return to the office. Whatever the model, now is the time to make sure your employer puts your wellbeing and potential first in their decision-making.
Already, about 7 in 10 of us believe that there could be more efficient ways of using technology to do our work. But that’s easier said than done, and there’s much more to it than technology — only a mindset shift can drive change in the workplace.

Software tools make it harder to find information




That’s what this campaign is all about: making work work for you, not the other way around. Harnessing the latest academic research, it lays bare the chaos that defines today’s working experience, and offers a set of principles carefully designed to help you create trust, focus and belonging in the modern workplace.

To employees

Have your say in designing a workplace that works for you. Address your anxiety about work by making your employer take note about the madness of work today, and get them to communicate a clear plan that puts your wellbeing first. The benefits to you: more certainty about your work arrangements, and a set-up that helps you fulfil your potential.

To employers

Your employees are anxious about what the future working environment looks like and want certainty. Plus, the world needs strong champions of an entirely new way of working that puts people first. We ask you to kick off a workstream to define guidelines and expectations about working arrangements, and communicate this out to your employees to reassure them about the future. The benefits to you: higher employee wellbeing and meaningful productivity from your workforce.
Work is changing at a blistering place. We’re constantly evolving our ideas to account for the latest science, your feedback, and your experiences. Please share your stories, ideas and challenges with us.

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